VIDA552 ปากกาลูกลื่น 0.5มม. น้ำเงิน ควอนตั้ม GeloPlus Spirit 1233 คละสี

169.00 ฿ 129.00 ฿

Ball pen Gel Visco Plus has a low viscosity (Ultra Low Viscosity Ink). Oil-based paints provide a deep, non-greasy color after use. Nickel Silver Pen and Tungsten Carbide Ball End I’m pretty slippery. Rubber grip zone Grip Zone more compact wrist. The pen clip is easy to carry. Transparent handle – rubber mixed colors. Blue ink 0.5mm head tip 12 Pcs Order Notes Products sold mixed assorted colors (depending on production lot) The company reserves the right to choose the model and color. Buy 12 boxes / carton

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