Xiaomi Xianger Cork Portable Mouse Pad Anti-slip Natural Minimalist Antibacterial Mouse Mat 3 Colors

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Xiaomi Xianger Cork Portable Mouse Pad Anti-slip Natural Minimalist Antibacterial Mouse Mat 3 Colors From Youpin►► Before Order Please Note・ It is Xiaomi ecological chain products ,there is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it,Thanks for your understanding!・ Please do not give negative feedback before contact,it just like our life. (*^ω^*)►► Features:Minimalist and beautiful | Refreshing and skin-friendly | Lightweight and portable | Environmental protection and antibacterial►► Description:- Minimalist– Smooth surface- Bring refreshment to your fingersThe finely ground cork surface is not only smooth and delicate, but also provides a refreshing touch like the skin, making every touch and click light and flexible.- Wooden lightweight- Let the smart fashion followLightweight natural cork with light natural rubber, easy to fold, lightweight and portable, your fashion must-have item, show your hand anytime, anywhere.- Natural antibacterial- Have peace of mind for peace of mindThe unique antibacterial function of cork can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, bring powerful cleansing power, and allow the skin to enjoy the care of nature.- Constant temperature per second- Give your wrist more comfortable careThe unique honeycomb structure of natural cork, comfortable and constant temperature, instantly capture the skin temperature. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the more appropriate body temperature closely follows the wrist.- Accurate and smooth- Return to a practical operating experienceThe superfine cork powder surface, high face value and practicality, the mouse moves lightly and smoothly, and the response is accurate and fast. Whether you are working or leisure, you can meet your high requirements.- Stable non-slip- Fit the mouse pad to the desktopThe matrix texture design on the back makes the natural rubber base more damping. It clings to the desktop without sliding, giving the mouse a flexible platform to display.- Waterproof and stain resistant- Make daily care easierThe smooth surface is moisture-proof and stain-resistant, easy to manage, and daily use marks such as dust, stains and water stains can be quickly eliminated by gently wiping.- Innovation patent- Each curl can be quickly restoredThe 180° bending resistance patent, combined with the superior flexibility of natural rubber, rebounds quickly after bending, making the mouse pad more durable and bringing a little surprise like a new one. *Utility model patent number: ZL201620045569.4►► CheckList:1 x Xianger cork portable mouse pad


Xiaomi Portable Mouse Gold 18/09/21 -

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Xiaomi Portable Mouse Silver 18/09/21 -

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