Audio 50W Bluetooth-compatible Sound Power Amplifier 25…

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The Bluetooth version is version 5.0MP3 / wma music formatPower: 2 * (3/25) W, can be connected to two 4-ohm or 8-ohm 3/25W loudspeakersFM frequency: 87.5-107.5 MHzSupport function introduction: support mp3 / USB / TF / Aux / FM / Bluetooth / remote control / DC: 12VFeatures:1. Automatically support USB / TF / Bluetooth / FM / AUX switching. Prompt and convert to cable (signal sound or English voice optional)2. Support music in MP3 / WMA / WAV format. MP3 songs 32-320kbps, WAV / WMA is 1411kbps or below3. Support USB / card switching, music, next song, volume control, EQ, play / pause, stop, mute, shutdown, directly select songs.4. Support Bluetooth previous song, next song, volume control, play / pause, mute.5. Support power and storage function: turn off the storage before playing the song, and can store the volume to the current position. Breakpoint memory (in playback mode ,The first time you restore the U disk or TF card will play the breakpoint memory for the first time when the power is cut off after about three seconds)Package Contents:1 decoder1 x remote control (without battery)MODEL 1:MODEL 2:MODEL 3:MODEL 4: There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding. If you do not understand what you can contact customer service at any time, I wish you a happy shopping.


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